Sunday, August 28, 2016

NASA Mars life simulation project collector of today 6 were isolated for one

According to foreign media reports, NASA Mars life simulation project for up to a year which ended today, this is the third time NASA Mars life simulations, is also one of the longest, the results will provide valuable reference for future trip to Mars.

This experimental project called HI-SEAS (space simulation of Hawaii, Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation), a total of 6 volunteers, including 1 France an astrobiologist, 1 Germany physicist, the remaining 4 were Americans, respectively, astronauts, architects, doctors and journalists, as well as soil scientists.

NASA Mars life simulation project collector of today, 6 were isolated for one year

Had just completed one year experiment 6 volunteers, from: Engadget DKNY case for iPhone 6 plus

Last August 29, 6 Volunteers came to the north slope of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii poor, which no animal, sparse vegetation, and is very similar to the Martian landscape.

In the north slope of Mauna Loa volcano, they live in a dome, the dome diameter is 36 feet (11 meters) high and 20 feet (6 meters). Volunteers live in dome, almost cut off from the outside world, they can only communicate via email and communication time deliberately delayed 20 minutes, to simulate a signal from Mars to Earth real transmission conditions. Team members can leave the dome, but it must be put on heavy space suits.

NASA Mars life simulation project collector of today, 6 were isolated for one year

Inside the dome, from: Engadget DKNY iPhone plus

DKNY case for iPhone 6 plus

Dome survival supplies are very limited, once every 4 months supply of food, water supply once every 2 months. Team also carried out a series of possible emergency simulations, including power outages, tool damage, strong waves forced the evacuation.

It is learnt that some independent filmmakers have begun interviewing volunteers, will be named "red heaven" (Red Heaven) documentaries for ordinary volunteers in "MARS" on daily life.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure the round Home button to celebrate

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: 16 round Home key

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

As the heaviest domestic flagship had to hold a hammer T3 news has continued, but basic users of YY, Luo often respond to two words: false.

But they would come, yesterday a number of suspected users exposed hammer T3 prototype photos, black body visible on the round Home button, would certainly support fingerprinting, left and right key, return key two tasks becomes virtual. Also use 2.5D curved glass front can be seen clearly, the border is not a narrow, and spy photos on the front line with a high degree of exposure.

T3 will be equipped with 5 inch 1080p screen, is said to have a hammer mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, 4GB, memory, 32/64/128GB storage, 16 million pixels camera (laser focus and dual LED flash color temperature). How much do you think it will cost?

To celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei out of the 10,000 boxes of 5th battery

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

Yesterday morning, Chinese women's volleyball team won in the nation for "spirit of the women's volleyball team," lamented when Lei on weibo ", President of exclusive" celebration: "women's volleyball team won the Olympic Games today, wayward one, send 10000 box Rainbow 5th battery! "

Specific operations are: millet Mall app search "millet 5 black technology mobile phones", send 10000 box Rainbow, 5th battery, sending 20 boxes per minute!

Judging from the official publicity photos, colorful Rainbow batteries, different commercially available battery outer packing 10 tablets of the price of a box of 9.9 Yuan. Officials said the Rainbow, 5th battery, is free of Mercury cadmium alkaline battery, will not pollute the land.

Such a "willful" act naturally attracted netizens get stoned, but friends said sadly does not mail, even though goods free, winning people had to pay for logistics companies.

Snow confirmed United States network targets included Chinese companies

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

United States "volleys", 19th confirmed that, under the "Prism" listening project exposure, and United States former defense contractor employee Edward snow offers the latest files, United States national security agency network "arsenals" intrusion of hackers organization in recent days, has now leaked documents show United States attacks targets include Chinese companies. star wars

Some of the leaked documents showed that these hacking tools target of including Cisco, Juniper Networks, fly Tower and the corporate router and firewall products, TopSec China information security companies are also included in the hacker tool targeting. Files from the snow show, United States National Security Agency in Pakistan, Lebanon has now been leaked some operations used in "network".

Bio-pharmaceutical company Pfizer proposed $ 14 billion acquisition of Medivation

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

On August 22, according to Bloomberg, the financial times broke the news that, bio-pharmaceutical company Pfizer to reach deal with the cancer drug company Medivation, proposed $ 14 billion acquisition of the latter.

Sources say, Pfizer and Medivation is expected to be announced today the first purchase agreements. In the acquisition, Pfizer acquired in excess of Medivation shares about 30%, Medivation valuation to 67.16 dollars on Friday's close.

When the drug sales have slowed, Pfizer has always been dependent on new brands to raise revenue, including cancer drugs. In August, the drugmaker issued more than analysts ' expected earnings, because of its breast cancer drug Ibrance sales are hot.

Both Pfizer and Medivation's spokesman declined to comment. At the same time, the acquisition, announced that Merck and saifeinuo of Medivation's bid failed.

PS4 Slim Ultra thin models exposed: September 8 first

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

After Sony announced would be held in New York in the early hours of September 8 in Beijing PlayStation launch, long-rumored PS Neo new host ready. Latest news shows, comes with PS Neo will have a thin PS4 console--PS4 Slim.

Spy photos from PS4 Slim player exposure model can be seen, the new model number CUH-2016A, the appearance of more compact and rounded than cash, inside the 500GB hard drive. Expected published on September 8, September 14 on sale, price is unknown.

After the three bodies, the Beijing, folded and Hugo Awards

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

After the three bodies of last year Liu cixin, science fiction writer Hao Jingfang, with Beijing, folded, won a Hugo Award, this time in the short story collection unit.

Talking about China's social classes of the Beijing, folded cure story, where Beijing is divided into three spaces, middle and upper-level managers are mostly white-collar workers, the lower is a cleaner, every 24 hours, Beijing will flip, fold, three of space of physical contact. In this context, Hao Jingfang cleaning old knives told a third space day. star wars iPhone 6s case

Hao Jingfang, said this was just the beginning of the novel, before the story comes from her experiences living in the village "in the village, I may have access to some of their lives, I'm not saying that want to write their stories down, but showing the kind of crowds and crowds of isolation. "

Facebook to roll out new social software Lifestage: only for adolescents

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

As the world's most popular social network, Facebook is the biggest one in recent years competitors Snapchat. In order to prove that it still has the ability to attract younger generations, a few days ago, the company launched a new social media software, called Lifestage, at present, only the version of iOS. The software only according to age age 21 and under 21 years of age of users. As a separate piece of software, Lifestage users can use pictures or video, describing his likes or dislikes, friends list, create your own profile, and so on.

star wars iPhone 6s case

Tesla Model S/X new lease: length of 2 years

Suspected hammer T3 real machine exposure: the round Home button; to celebrate the women's volleyball team won the Lei sent out 10,000 boxes of batteries | Lei feng's morning news

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Tesla company for the Model s and Model x has introduced a new two-year lease, which at the end of next month on the 12th at the latest. Although Tesla has launched the 3-year lease, but many potential customers want this company to be able to shorten the lease time. Under the new lease, consumers need to pay at least US $ 593 per month (Model s-post drive).

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hai Tao this site at lowest price gift LEGO Minecraft 21102 32 79

# Hai Tao ## ## this site at lowest price gift #LEGO Minecraft 21102.79

LEGO Minecraft 21102 was in 2012, a significant fire of a LEGO, it is said that United States repeatedly sells out of stock. This product fire because of the popular game of the same name of the Minecraft, Minecraft is the world's first sandbox games, due to its high opening scene + freedom + nonlinear task and highly popular. Game is in the process of a three dimensional box with randomly generated in the world building, "to build anything, as long as you can imagine." The developer first-day income of 260,000 euros (PC version), and then launched the iOS and Android versions. hello kitty iPhone cases

# Hai Tao ## ## this site at lowest price gift #LEGO Minecraft 21102.79

This Minecraft 21102 total 480 grains, weight 1.8 lbs, shipping weight of 2 pounds, mostly smaller particles cannot be combined with other LEGO, suitable for children over 10 years old. Currently Amazon import price of us $ 32.79, $ 2 lower than the usual price of $ 34.99. (Update:10.21 21:00 price has changed to $33.95), domestic Taobao price is about 300 yuan.

hello kitty iPhone cases

This LEGO for Minecraft game derivative, never played the game may start more difficult, playing this game of LEGO fans or want students to start Minecraft. In addition, recommended by our website to purchase the LEGO's classmates, you can purchase order screen and receipts out of the box photo photos and Twitter @ love machine, this site will give the value of the iOS $6.99 version of Minecraft game (limited to the top 3).

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Intel VR equipment exposure depth perception will be Developer Conference this

On August 3, a senior engineer at Intel Dimitri Diakopoulos on Twitter to show off their work, accidentally released a new prototype photos: newly developed depth perception VR equipment. And suggests that this will be the subject of the Intel Developer Conference. This Tweet was deleted of course, but users still retain the screenshots. Hello Kitty s5

Hello Kitty cases

Intel VR equipment exposure depth perception, will be Developer Conference this month theme

In the picture, the sensors embed inside HTC Vive, like the Horn of a Unicorn's forehead prominent. Positively speaking, this device has 3 holes on each side to install 3 different types of cameras.

Intel VR equipment exposure depth perception, will be Developer Conference this month theme

Upload the reporter contacted Dimitri Diakopoulos on Twitter, he told reporters that such a VR accessories can track hand movement, like an infrared tracking device. And it can in real time to scan the surrounding environment, which makes it possible for VR devices automatically detect obstacles. After all, when you're walking in a VR environment and do not want to accidentally stepped on home favourite cat.

The sensor device will probably let you immediately switch from VR visual environment to the real world. For example, when you are wearing your hair equipment, but wanted to sit in a Chair or when you pick up a glass of water, don't need the trouble to remove his head, you can see that in a real environment.

For HTC, Vive, which itself has a built-in small cameras, you can draw the 2D outline of user objects in the vicinity, but a sensor device like Intel, could theoretically allow you to have a similar HTC Vive in AR experiences.

Desire to 16-18 Developers Conference in San Francisco to see more information.  Hello Kitty cases

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mercedes Benz in the beautiful gun Has been reported for the Mercedes Benz e

Mercedes-Benz in the beautiful gun! Has been reported for the Mercedes-Benz e-class automatic ads mislead consumers

Not long ago, Mercedes-Benz has released a cool automatic driving and passed the test, causing the limelight. Now, Mercedes-Benz because it drives itself into trouble.

Recently, the Mercedes-Benz United States thorn in the side of the consumers Union, it asks the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) survey Benz on the new E-class automatic car driving function of advertising.

So, it was troubled by Mercedes-Benz ad what is it? In fact, it is a Mercedes-Benz ad released early last year of the future (The Future), it is the opening of Mercedes-Benz Luxury in Motion concept car ads. In the ad, in the vehicle while driving, the front seats rotate 180 degrees relative to the second-row passengers, very futuristic. The narrator in the ad said: "the world is really ready for self-driving car do? "Along with the Narrator," whether or not you prepare, the future is here ", from Luxury in Motion of the camera switched to a modified 2017 e-class concept cars. In addition, small fonts on the screen to clarify the model and cannot be driven automatically, provide autopilot functions.

Consumers Union believes that: e-class Mercedes-Benz ads automatically described as driving a car, but the car does not automatically drive, may mislead the rational consumer, or to the owners to create a "false sense" mistake vehicle itself can be driven automatically. E-class cars did not meet fully or partially automatic driving vehicle standards, but its rational consumers would lead to the illusion that the car has reached the relevant standards. In their view, this distortion stakes, as it relates to security, may also affect consumers ' behavior or decisions. Hello Kitty iPhone plus case Hello Kitty iphone 6 plus

Hello Kitty iPhone plus case

After Tesla's murder, Tesla brought to the forefront, departments also began to focus on security issues and investigating automatic driving, this problem has become more and more sensitive. Now, Mercedes-Benz experience is one of those sectors with results. Maybe more automakers will be investigated, because so far, we don't have a global integrated automatic driving standards. Actually, the key to solving the problem is to establish a standard way to less vaunted carmakers, as well as the misguided masses.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The dust has settled Samsung investment of 3 billion yuan investment in BYD

The dust has settled: Samsung investment of 3 billion yuan investment in BYD

A few days ago, there was rumor that Samsung will spend 500 billion won (about 3 billion RMB) purchase of 4% stake in Chinese carmaker BYD. But then the company says, are negotiating, it has not been determined. And now, this rumor officially settled.

According to the latest news, BYD said in a statement last night, the company completed a non-public offering of 252 million common shares, price of 57.40 Yuan per share, plans to raise total funds 14.473 billion yuan. Among them, Shanghai Samsung semiconductor company (Samsung Electronics semiconductor sales legal entity in China) subscribe 52.26 million shares, a total 3 billion yuan, will hold its total share capital after the private placement completed in 1.92%, making the Nineth-largest shareholder in BYD.

MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Bulletin also shows that raising money will be used to power lithium-ion batteries expansion project, new energy research and development projects, as well as additional working capital and to repay bank borrowings. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

News that BYD will be increased at the end of last year has already obtained the SFC approval, but the subscription object is uncertain. Judging from the report disclosed July subscription starting "ice", and eventually issue other than Samsung semiconductor in Shanghai, there are 5 other subscription agencies, including State investment, advanced manufacturing industry investment fund, the Jianxin fund management limited liability company, China life insurance security fund management, Societe Generale global fund management and fund management limited liability company.

Reasons for participation for Samsung, BYD pointed out that the main firm confidence is based on the company's long-term prospects, as well as in the future, strategic cooperation in the field of electric auto parts. Will jointly hold future global electric-great opportunity for rapid development, promoting the development of electric vehicle business continued on both sides. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Analysts said Samsung Electronics in recent years active layout field of in-car entertainment, navigation and automatic transmission, Samsung and is expected to further enhance the BYD BYD's cooperation in the research and development of Intelligent drive technology, while Samsung seize the opportunities of the rapid development of China's new energy automobile industry. In addition, Samsung SDI is the world's leading producer of ternary lithium-ion batteries, BYD lithium battery and still have a chance in the future areas of cooperation.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sir your vibrator to be cooked


Yes, I am very dissatisfied with Durex.

From a steak rare ate undercooked, adult toy manufacturers make much much ... ...

The problem, still have to give anything we want designers to solve.


From the Belarus designers Constantin Bolimond creative.

He designed the landmark may of vibrators, has a cock blast name, called "I was there" (Inme) ... ...


Well, "I was there" is a modular vibrators.

Modular means, about 20 cm long stick,

Designer is divided into 9 pieces.

Each small section, you can select the rotate and vibrate mode, as well as their shape and curvature, surface temperature, and so on.

Then, when the 9 small pieces together, and became the best notes of your own design.

Musical instruments, that is, "I'm there".

Kenzo case


Come on, what do you want to play it? --No matter how you play, be sure to make yourself happy Oh ~


In addition, you don't have to worry about this wild twist in battery-driven stuff will leak away.

Understandable, after all, it is composed of multiple pieces together. Kenzo iPhone5


But the designer said, "notes" between the connection is closed, it can even use 2 meters below the water! Kenzo case

Indeed, designers also prepared mobile APP for it, can use the APP to control and manage each "paragraph".


Yes, in a Word, from Bolimond point of view, this is the porn industry in the future, modular + Internet, and to the user with the most personality program.

Designers say that by 2019, the size of the world's adult industry to $ 32 billion, it's going to be new opportunities for millions of people.

Well, I write to you, I suddenly have new views on this thing – millet: is this layout in advance?


Newby, Lei teacher, please come on!